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General description 

The CC1110-868 RF module is a low cost and high performance SOC RF transceiver designed for very low power wireless applications. Their high level of integration and flexible firmware can help to replace wires in many transmission systems. These pre-certified RF modules that can be easily integrated into your application, thereby reducing development time and cost. 


Low cost Sub1GHz SOC RF transceiver
Front-end with PA/LNA for extended RF range RF outpour power programmable -30 to 10 dBm Programmable data rate up to 500 kbps
Digital RSSI / LQI support
Excellent receiver selectivity -110dBm@2.4Kbps 0.6μAconsumptioninlowestpowermode
Support UART/SPI/I2S interface
21 general I/O pins
Wide supply voltage range (2.0V – 3.6V)
Low size 16*21.5mm SMD component 


Auto Metering Reader RF Remote controller Low power telemetry Active RFID Tag

Home and building automation
Weather stations
Wireless alarm and security systems Industrial monitoring and control
Wireless sensor networks 

Electrical Characteristics