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NRF51822 Beacon

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The NRF51822 beacon module is a portable iBeacon tag with ultra low power chipset NRF51822 and leverage BLE 4.0 technology.It has a portable case size, accurate hardware and robust firmware. It is designed for the commercial advertising and in-door location-based service.

NRF51822 beacon broadcast 2.4GHz radio signals at regular and adjustable intervals when it is power on. It can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android BLE devices that are equipped with many mobile apps.

Description and Characteristics: 

1. Easy and rapidly to customize a casing in very low cost;

2. UUID, Major, Minor and other parameters can be changed by customer;

3. iBeacon with battery holder,easy test and use.

4. Based on Nordic NRF51822 & CR2032 ,bluetooth low energy module;

5. Support for IOS7.0 / Android 4.3 / or above; 

6. Effected range: 60M;
7. Low energy module for battery life one years; 


 Built-in iBeacon firmware
 Built-in a coin battery holder
 Bluetooth low energy technology compatible
 Accurate digital RSSI
 High performance and ARM CortexTM-M0 32 bit processor  128 bit AES HW encryption
 Tested with iOS 7.0


 Indoor navigation
 mobile payment
 in-store promotions specialist  flow analysis 

iBeacon Descriptions

 Run standalone as iBeacon, External host is not required.
 Application for advertisement and location.
 Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc.
 Built in JTAG port for customized other application firmware as a standalone system.

Electrical Characteristics 

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